Straightline Performance

A message from Scott Brown:

I have enjoyed being involved in the Chrysler community for the last several years.  I have made many friends, and have been involved in many exciting projects. 

I have recently accepted a position at VT Competition Engines. Although their focus is primarily Modular Ford Engines, they work on all types of engines and vehicles, and are involved in many high level projects that are powered by Mod Motors. Their facility and their employees are top notch, and they turn out an excellent product. Their two machinists have nearly 70 years experience between the two of them, as well as great support staff.

Even though I am exploring a new direction in employment, my intent is to continue to be involved in the Mopar community. With VT’s quality staff and exceptional machine shop, I will continue to offer the same great quality products I always have, with more machining capabilities, and hopefully faster turnaround and better service. In addition, with the pooling of our suppliers, more great products will soon follow.

I had hoped to make this transition seamless, however it has been somewhat rocky as it has taken more time than I anticipated to get myself acclimated to the work environment here at VT, and familiarize myself with the projects they have under way. I sincerely apologize that this transition did not go smoother. Eventually, I will get everything on track and things will move forward.

All orders placed on the Straightline Performance website after October 22, 2007 will be processed through VT competition Engine Development.

I am looking forward to getting back on track and helping you with your latest projects.

Scott Brown